Paige uses wet collodion tintype photography to capture a staged fictional world, literally. Using a 19th century large format studio camera she photographs genuine antiquities from the 1800s or earlier. 

Due to the nature of the wet-collodion process, duplicates or copies of the images cannot be made. Every tintype is a singular work of art. For more information on purchasing a piece of artwork please contact us at



This series showcases how objects remain constant throughout time, while the people that use them come and go like memories. A double exposure technique is used to create the ghost-like images in the Memories series.

She Played a Song Only I Could Hear, 8" x 10" tintype, 2019


This series offers a window into daily life from a past generation. Each scene is staged with artifacts to tell the story of different people, and the lives they lived.

Play On 8" x 10" tintype, 2018.